Appreciation at the highest level

With BontiqueOne, you can easily create customised and individual checks for any employee event. Accentuate appreciation in your company now!

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Easy to use and everything at a glance

In the future, administer your incentives conveniently from your workplace. With our platform BontiqueOne, you have an overview of your expenses and the individual satisfaction of your employees increased.

Companies that trust us

Simply create individual employee checks

Create an individual gift check for employees in just a few minutes and present a personal gift tailored to your budget.

Discover over 60 partners

The variety of experiences, services and products will impress your employees. The check can be redeemed for individual products and services with over 60 partners in Switzerland. Donation partners are also available. A gift for every liking.

Place products and services on BontiqueOne

Bontique offers you an exciting and straightforward model of how to sell your services or products in a closed environment.


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