Appreciation at the highest level

Switzerland gives rewards incentivises congratulates motivates rewards with Bontique

Create individual vouchers and give away the full diversity of Switzerland.

Simply create individual appreciation

Create an individual Bontique-Check in no time, gift joy, show appreciation and create incentives.

The Bontique-Check

Leave an impression with individuality and emotion. The Bontique-Check can be designed and personalised according to your taste. This is how you strengthen employee and customer loyalty in the long term.

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As individual as the person receiving the gift. The unique network of regional and national partners offers every Check-Recipient variety and the perfect shopping experience.


Your place to create, order and manage. With a personal company login, individual appreciation can be designed and given away conveniently from your workplace.

Companies that trust us

Appreciation according to your needs

With Bontique, appreciating and incentivising becomes an easy game for your company. For employees, customers or partners: The Bontique-Check is your solution for every event and every thank you, no matter how little.

For individual appreciation

Incentives for your employees

Would you like to give your employees a special treat or simply say thank you? Bontique is your solution!

Promotion of health

Provide your employees with the tools they need to improve their own wellbeing and keep fit. Determine their budget and hand over the full variety of health-promoting offers from Bontique.
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For the incentivisation of new recruitment

Employees recruit employees

Referral programmes are the most effective way to attract new employees. Are you using an employee referral programme such as Firstbird or CleverConnect and looking for the right bonus? Reward every successful referral with a bonus check now.
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For successful customer retention and incentivisation


Perfectly suited as a bonus for customer loyalty or to incentivise your customers. With the diverse and uniquely designed Bontique-Check, you set exactly the right incentives.

Gifts for partners

Say thank you for long-standing partnerships and show your appreciation. With the Bontique-Check, you give everyone a treat.
Bontique HOme:

Collect and give as a team without hassle


Give your teammates a unique Bontique-Check. Our solution makes it easy to collect money in groups. Simply start an initiative online, collect money in the team and give the receiving persons a versatile Bontique-Check as a gift.
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Discover the wide range of products offered by our partners

Whether adventure, relaxation, enjoyment or sustainability. Discover the diversity of Switzerland with our unique network of regional and national partners.
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Why Bontique

We have been on the market for more than ten years. Benefit from our experience in the field of appreciation and incentivisation and get in touch with us..

– Roman Ackermann –

Free access

Registration with Bontique is completely free of charge with no licence or setup fee.


The Bontique-Checks are considered gifts in kind and are exempt from both tax (per event) and social security contributions (per year) up to CHF 500. More about the applicable legal framework

Extraordinary service

Support and service are our top priority. We are always available for enquiries and assistance.

And that's how it works

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Register for free

  • Register for free
  • Without licence and setup fee
  • Available for every company in Switzerland
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Create check

  • Choose an event or create an individual one
  • Select colour, logo and language
  • Select a picture or upload an individual one
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  • Enter the name of the person receiving the Bontique-Check
  • Add video message and formulate greeting message
  • Define the value of the voucher
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Give joy and show appreciation

  • Print out the created check or send it by e-mail
  • Alternatively, order high-quality Bontique-Check
  • Add envelope, greeting cards and flowers to the package

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