How you can increase your employees’ productivity sixfold: The power of personalised gifts

The most important findings

  • A Gallup study shows: Many employees in Switzerland are dissatisfied and only do their work by the book.
  • Many employees long for more appreciation and recognition. In our blog, you can find out which type of appreciation is most effective.
  • Personalised gifts increase productivity six times more than cash gifts. Read our blog to find out why this is the case.

The hidden crisis at work

Only 9% of employees in Switzerland are highly engaged at work, according to a recent Gallup report. A full 91% of those surveyed are merely doing their job by the book. 21% of those who work to rule are actively looking for a new job. There are many reasons for this, but one major factor is the feeling of a lack of appreciation and recognition.

A survey conducted by the newspaper 20 Minuten with over 10,000 participants shows that around 30% of respondents would be significantly happier and more motivated at work if they received more appreciation. But how exactly can companies show this appreciation?

Study results: The influence of gifts on employee motivation

Have you ever wondered how different types of recognition can influence the productivity of your employees? A comprehensive American study on increasing productivity through gifts delivers astounding results.

Non-monetary gifts, such as a thermos flask, can increase productivity by up to 25%! But there is an even more significant finding: personalised gifts of money, such as artfully folded banknotes in the form of origami, boost productivity by an impressive 30%! By comparison, a normal gift of money only increases employee productivity by 5%.

This study also shows that employees who were given the choice between cash and a gift usually opted for cash, but showed the highest productivity with personalised gifts. These results illustrate that personalised gifts are a more sustainable and effective method of recognising performance than traditional cash rewards.



Psychological effect of gifts

The importance of gifts in the workplace goes far beyond their material value. As James N. Baron and David M. Kreps have emphasised, the perceived investment of time and effort plays a central role in the psychological impact of gifts.

„The psychological impact of tangible or intangible gifts to employees depends not only on the value of the gifts, but also on whether the gifts are perceived as time- or effort-intensive for the giver.“
James N. Baron und David M. Kreps (1999)

When employees see that the giver – be it the company or the line manager – has invested time and effort in selecting or designing a personal gift, they feel valued and recognised. This perception strengthens the emotional bond and the feeling of belonging to the company.

A simple sum of money may be financially valuable, but is often perceived as impersonal and interchangeable. A personalised gift, on the other hand, conveys individual appreciation and shows that the giver has put some thought into it. For example, a gift that is personalised to the employee’s hobbies or interests can have an additional emotional value and thus lead to higher motivation and increased productivity.

Appreciation for employees: A decisive factor

In today’s world of work, the competition for talent is more intense than ever. Employees are a company’s most valuable resource, and the shortage of skilled labour is exacerbating this situation. In Switzerland, however, many employees are dissatisfied and only perform according to regulations.

A frequently cited reason for this dissatisfaction is a lack of appreciation. Through targeted recognition, companies can not only increase the motivation and productivity of their employees, but also promote their creativity and improve their corporate image. This attracts new talent and strengthens the bond between employees and their company.

A study by the University of Bern confirms that greater recognition and appreciation in the workplace significantly increases work performance and satisfaction. Through targeted recognition, companies not only promote a sense of success and belonging, but also reduce negative emotions, which leads to a more positive and productive working atmosphere overall.


The Bontique-Check: the simple alternative to origami

Appreciation and recognition are crucial for motivating and retaining employees. A practical and effective way to show this appreciation is the Bontique-Check – the simpler alternative to an origami gift of money. Like origami, it can be customised and personalised, but can be created quickly and easily. The Bontique-Check offers you a number of attractive advantages:

  • High level of personalisation: Companies can customise Bontique-Checks, including personal messages, as well as images and videos on the redemption page.
  • Simple handling: The creation and administration of Bontique-Checks is uncomplicated and efficient.
  • Wide range of redemption options: Employees can redeem their Bontique-Check with a large number of partners. The Check can be split between several partners – depending on the hobbies and wishes of the recipient.


Personalised gifts are an extremely effective way of increasing employee motivation and productivity. Bontique offers a customised solution that enables companies to achieve maximum impact with minimum effort. Take advantage of our current LAP special with attractive special conditions to thank your apprentices for their commitment over the past few years. Unleash the full potential of your team with personalised gifts – and your employees will thank you for it!

About Bontique

With our simple and intuitive platform, we help you to increase your appreciation culture. We preserve your company’s signature and maximise the individualisation of your employees. We are convinced that employees are a company’s greatest asset, which is why they should be valued. With the Bontique-Checks, you can therefore say thank you in an individual and customised way – for a company anniversary, a birthday or a successful product launch.