Success Stories: Worauf wir stolz sind

«Die Abwicklung über das Online-Tool ist sehr einfach und intuitiv. Weiter ist es schön, dass man die Checks personalisieren und so anpassen kann, dass sie zum Ereignis und zu den Mitarbeitenden passen. »

Fabian Nussbaumer, Projektleiter HR Development, AMAG Corporate Services AG

Success Stories: Worauf wir stolz sind

Less effort and more individuality: With Bontique, the AMAG Group centralises employee gifts

At AMAG Group, individual needs not only form the core of customer and service orientation, but also the basis for employee satisfaction. Bontique supports the company in fulfilling the needs of its employees in a more personal and targeted manner. In the overall context of employer branding, Bontique enables sustainable employee loyalty.

Moving Switzerland With its quality and expertise, the AMAG Group has positioned itself as Switzerlands‘ largest automotive company. In addition to the sale and operational assurance of automobiles, they also have their own leasing company as well as various other services such as car sharing, rental vehicles and parking offers.

Strong corporate values With 160 locations, around 6‘500 employees and over 700 apprentices, the company is a signifi cant employer in Switzerland. Diversity, equal opportunities and employee satisfaction are of great importance.

Success based on appreciation Since 2019, the AMAG Group has been using Bontique throughout the company for differrent events such as births, weddings and successful completion of apprenticeship exams. Furthermore Bontique-Checks are used for exceptional performance and great work within a project.

Centralisation and individualisation “Working with Bontique has made it possible to centralize the entire employee gifting process. This has greatly minimized the coordination and administration effort. Furthermore, the individual needs of the employees can now be addressed more specifi cally, since Bontique offers something for everyone.”

A wide range of sectors Recipients of Bontique-Checks can choose from a broad network of partners in sectors such as fashion, leisure, adventure and relaxation. With thousands of locations and online shops, the offer covers all of Switzerland and a wide range of needs.

Focus on the customer This approach is the foundation for the usability of Bontique‘s creation programme. „The process of using the online tool is very simple and intuitive. In addition, the personalisation and customisation of the Bontique-Checks to suit the event as well as the employees is a great feature“, says Fabian Nussbaumer, HR Project Manager of the AMAG Group.