Success Stories: Worauf wir stolz sind

“Over sixty percent of all employees use Talentry on a weekly basis. This is how we transport our content to personal networks [...] and with the authenticity and credibility of the employees as voluntary ambassadors, who appreciate their self-sufficiency and self-determination in the process.“

Florian Schrodt, Former Head Recruiting, HR Marketing & Employer Branding

Bontique Kunden: Unternehmen, die uns vertrauen

When employees become ambassadors and talent scouts

Each employee has an average reach of 341 contacts in their social network. Talentry identifies potential candidates for open positions in a company. By sharing jobs and employer branding content, as well as recommendations from contacts, employees become authentic storytellers. The collaboration with Bontique creates additional incentives and is focused on employee appreciation.

Connecting people with organizations they love is Talentry‘s motto. The potential of social network is used to bring talents and suitable employers together and at the same time to communicate the employer brand to the outside world. The seamless connection to many common applicant management systems also facilitates recruiting processes.

Focus on gamification and individuality With Talentry, companies determine which incentives employees receive for sharing content and jobs and for recommending contacts. However, the different employee life cycles also give rise to individual needs. Working with Bontique makes it possible to identify these needs and respond to them in a personalized way.

Employee appreciation made easy As a pure B2B provider, Bontique strives to minimize the effort of companies in the area of employee gifts and at the same time to increase satisfaction in a lasting positive way. The diversity of the Swiss corporate landscape is at the heart of the service and is recognized as a positive challenge.

Small effort – Large selection Bontique-Checks – as the core product – function as value vouchers and open up the choice of a wide network of partners with thousands of locations and online stores throughout Switzerland to the recipient. This allows companies to easily fulfill a wide variety of employee wishes. „We offer people a stage for their great work in a very uncomplicated way.“

The personnel marketing of Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich relies on the synergy of Talentry and Bontique

Their career site presents itself as a humorous and authentic storytelling platform. The stories come from the employees and originate directly from their daily work. VBZ relies on Bontique for the rewards that are awarded for this. „Thanks to the many providers represented on the platform, our employees have a variety of options for redeeming their rewards […] and we can reward their work individually,“ says Vivien Föhre, VBZ project manager. VBZ wants to use individualization in a targeted and efficient manner. Here, the strength of the collaboration between Talentry and Bontique becomes apparent: automated processes, but individual rewards.