Success Stories: Worauf wir stolz sind

“At Bontique, every lever is set in motion to fulfil the customer‘s wishes. There is no such thing as ‚can‘t‘. The commitment and passion are always there.“

Daniela Gubler, Head People Development & Recruiting, VZ VermögensZentrum

Success Stories: Worauf wir stolz sind

For the organisation of corporate gifts, the VZ VermögensZentrum relies on Bontique as a partner

It starts with transparency and ends in measurable success – the service of the VZ VermögensZentrum includes independent financial advice and management. For several years, Bontique organised lasting corporate gifts for VZ VermögensZentrum in the name of its employer brand.

A fast-growing company history has characterised the VZ VermögensZentrum since its foundation in the 1990s. The two founders, Matthias Reinhart and Max Bolanz, recognised the need for independent advice early on and made it the focus of their service orientation. As a result, they have left their mark on the Swiss insurance market and the banking business with transparency and independence. Today, the company has 1,300 employees in over 30 locations in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Individual company values as a basis Bontique strives to minimise the coordination effort of gift procurement for companies by handling the finding of ideas as well as the organisation itself. The values and wishes of the companies are the determining factors. Following these makes it possible to represent the employer brand and strengthen employee satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to the core product of the Bontique-Check, Bontique also organises physical gifts.

Less effort – more mindfulness At the annual Senior+ Dinner, around 200 management employees of VZ VermögensZentrum are thanked and presented with gifts. In response to the question of how the organisation of it proceeded, Daniela Gubler explains, „We generated ideas ourselves, asked various providers for prices and conditions and evaluated the ideal partner. The whole process was extremely time-consuming. Then Bontique contacted us, whereupon we started the cooperation for our Senior+Dinner.“ The idea counts “We receive a presentation with innovative gift ideas for our event. Even if we ultimately choose one of our own ideas, we are given full support. Bontique proves to be a very competent partner who pulls the strings in the background and strives to make everything possible. Thanks to the large network, products from the most diverse areas can be offered. In addition, we were able to profit from the experience with other customers.”