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Choose from our various voucher templates and set the value and number of vouchers.

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Personalise your voucher with an appreciative message that highlights the recipient’s achievement.

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Simply pay by TWINT or credit card and receive your stylish voucher for immediate download.

A special voucher for outstanding performance

Customised and unique

Choose a design template and add your own individual message. The voucher offers the recipient a wide range of exciting possibilities and is perfect as a premium or small gift.

Uncomplicated and versatile

Redeeming our vouchers is remarkably simple. Whether you're opting for the latest products from Zalando, shopping at Manor, indulging in gourmet delights from Globus, short getaways with Weekend4Two, the thrill of a tandem flight, or stylish furnishings from IKEA and much more - relish the freedom to choose from our extensive network of reputable partners.

One voucher, numerous possibilities

The person receiving the gift has the flexibility to divide the value of the voucher between different offers and thus fulfil several wishes.

Unique voucher for outstanding performance

Exceptional efforts and remarkable achievements deserve an equally exceptional recognition. With the Bontique voucher, you have the opportunity to express your appreciation in a very special way.
A Bontique voucher is more than just a gift. It’s a message of recognition and appreciation that leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s for employees who have dedicated themselves over the years, a business partner who has achieved something extraordinary, or a friend who enriches your life – a Bontique voucher is the perfect way to show gratitude and respect.

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Collect money online and surprise!

Collect money and heartfelt messages online in a group and surprise special people with a versatile voucher – all in one place! Simply create a collection, share the link with your group, and soon you’ll be spreading Bontique joy.

Looking for a way to reward your employees? Discover our voucher solution for your company!

BontiqueOne opens up the wonderful world of personalized appreciation through custom vouchers. Here, you have the opportunity to create personal acknowledgments and manage your employee incentives in one central place.

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