Career at Bontique

Career at Bontique

Together with the best team, we accompany our clients and their employees on the path of appreciation. Would you like to accompany us on this journey?

Our company values

We believe in us

Each person in the team is at their best when they are allowed to be themselves. We give each other space and support each other. We delegate and take responsibility. We consciously invest a lot in mutual appreciation, because that strengthens our common foundation.

We give you time

We invest the most valuable thing we have in our customer relationships and partnerships. We take the time to advise, support, listen and learn.

People & Purpose​

For us, economic success is achieved only in harmony with people and our values.

Never quite grown up

We want to preserve the curiosity within us and always courageously break new ground.

What to expect at Bontique

At Bontique, you are more than just part of a team – here you are part of a close-knit community that supports each other and celebrates success together. Our quest to get better every day is a shared journey. Are you ready to be our new team player?

-Robin Frei-

A lot of personal responsibility

No matter what role you take in the team with us, you are important and you should be able to make decisions.

Great flexibility

We don't control your working hours, we want to achieve great things with you. Home office, important private appointments, your children are sick - that's life and it all has to have a place.

We live what we teach

Our corporate culture is very important to us and honest appreciation is a strong pillar.

What our employees say

Über uns: Das wunderbare Bontique-Team ​
Gabriel Hauert
Senior Key-Account Manager / Co-Head Sales
At Bontique, I had the opportunity to help shape the development of the company from the very beginning, which was and still is very exciting.
I really appreciate the exchange with interesting people, the great team, the open communication, the appreciative working atmosphere and the trust of the founding team. I really enjoy working in such an environment.
Über uns: Das wunderbare Bontique-Team ​
Ceynur Cinar
Head of Product Management
At Bontique, all the factors come together that make up an ideal working environment for me.
Working with visionaries and detail-oriented people, with lateral thinkers and critical minds, with personalities that we value. We all support each other, accept mistakes, learn from each other and all pull together with full motivation to pass on the appreciation we live by to our customers.
Über uns: Das wunderbare Bontique-Team ​
Konstantin Bogdashkin
Full Stack Engineer
We use modern and reliable technologies to build our platform.
Every member of the team is a passionate professional, and I have learned a lot working here. Moreover, atmosphere in the team is very friendly, and it’s a pleasure to work here!

Become a part of the Bontique-Family

We are appreciation. For all employees. With this vision, we are moving into the future. Together with the best team, we accompany our customers and their employees on the path of appreciation. Would you also like to go this way with us?