Kalí méra Athen

Bontique Blog: Bontique Goes Greece - Kali Mera Athen - Wertschätzung

For an extended Weekend, the Bontique-Team went on a trip to sunny Athens.

In addition to joint activities such as hiking, clubbing and shopping, we were also able to get to know the culture, especially the cuisine of the Greek capital.

Among other things, we visited the most famous building in Greece. The Acropolis sits impressively over the city, the unique structure was built between 464 BC and 406 BC. Not only the building, but also the view over the city of millions invites to linger. Fun Fact: It took the ancient Greeks nine years to build this imposing and incredible colossus.

The Panathinaiko Stadium, which was built for the first Olympic Games of modern times in 1896, was also on our list.

But it was not only the historical buildings of Athens that impressed us, but also the young and diverse neighbourhoods that border Monastiraki Square and brought us closer to Greek culture.

In addition to all the sightseeing, the food was not neglected and we successfully tried all kinds of greek food and drinks.

We enjoyed our time as a team a lot, got to know each other and even grew stronger together than before. Because individual appreciation at work motivates, inspires and helps to achieve great things.  We look forward to the coming time and look back on an unforgettable time.


Antío – Goodbye

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