Combining agility and appreciation

Bontique Blog: Agilität und Wertschätzung verbinden - Combining agility and appreciation - Combiner agilité et appréciation - Combinare agilità e apprezzamento

In agile collaboration, we apply the classic principles of the agile manifesto to establish more flexible and efficient decision-making processes in the company. Agile collaboration is a tool to ensure satisfied employees and customers.

Our credo in agile product development is to approach our defined goals step by step, together as a team, always allowing room for changing conditions, experiments or mistakes. In doing so, the following goals are at the forefront of product management:

  • To make the experience for our customers more flexible and streamlined by optimising our existing solutions;
  • To increase the added value of Bontique for our customers by further developing our solution with new features and functionalities.

How does agile collaboration help us achieve our goals at Bontique and contribute to an appreciative work culture?

Our sales team interacts with customers daily and brings important insights on market needs with their proximity to the customer. Thanks to our agile mindset and processes (SCRUM), we can react quickly to market changes and make short-term adjustments to the roadmap.

For example, it turned out that a technical interface (API) for automated Bontique-Check creation is a major market need. After strategically evaluating this need, we decided to prioritise the topic. This ensures that we quickly discover adaptations needed for the product and incorporate them into the product development.

For us, agility means more than quick adaptability. We take the time to collect ideas from the team and validate them with small prototypes or to discuss and reflect on alternative approaches during development: We believe that every single team member brings great, diverse skills and knowledge to the table. This active team-involvement fosters an environment that encourages us to take the initiative and creates a stronger identity with Bontique’s vision.

Bontique lives agile, both in strategic planning and in operational implementation. This enables us to create space for new, promising initiatives and make our customers even happier.

Bontique lives appreciation, because Bontique is agile.

About Bontique

With our simple and intuitive platform, we help you to increase your appreciation culture. We preserve your company’s signature and maximise the individualisation of your employees. We are convinced that employees are a company’s greatest asset, which is why they should be valued. With the Bontique-Checks, you can therefore say thank you in an individual and customised way – for a company anniversary, a birthday or a successful product launch.