This year we are not giving each other anything!

Blog Bontique: Dieses Jahr schenken wir uns nichts! - This year we are not giving each other anything! - Cette année, nous ne nous faisons pas de cadeau ! - Quest'anno non ci regaleremo nulla! - nichts schenken - make no present - pas de cadeau - non regalare nulla

“This year we’re not giving each other anything!” – Who doesn’t know this sentence from their immediate environment? Finding and buying a suitable gift can indeed present many people with a certain challenge. Nevertheless, who will weaken in the end and give something to their loved ones anyway? But why is that?

The concept of giving each other a gift has been around since time immemorial. And it is not likely to disappear any time soon. In principle, it’s a simple gesture – but with an effect that should not be underestimated. Gifts create connections between people and also strengthen relationships. Plain and simple, gifts are an essential part of our society.

Just because we don’t expect payment for a gift doesn’t mean that giving doesn’t bring rewards. It gives us a smile, a hug, appreciation, joy and much more.

The power of empathy

Empathy is a cornerstone of the psychology of gift giving. When you give someone a gift, you want to please the recipient – and in this case it is immaterial whether it is a surprise or an expected gift. You are signalling to the other person that you have taken time and tried to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. This shows interest and empathy.

Christmas gifts within a company

However, one should not expect a hug or a leap in the air within a company, but the mechanisms work exactly the same as in the private environment. The act of giving gives rise to connections and appreciation here as well.

Nevertheless, there are other factors to consider compared to the private environment

  1. 1. How do I make everyone happy? To begin with, this is simply not possible. It makes sense to orientate oneself according to the pareto principle (80%/20%). To make the remaining 20% completely happy, the effort is fundamentally too high..
  2. 2. How do I make the procurement process as efficient as possible? Depending on the size of the company, this process can be very time-consuming. From the beginning, think very specifically about the kind of gift you want to present (physical gift, voucher, money or other). Depending on the gift, there is also the question of storage, distribution and, increasingly, sustainability.
  3. 3. How much can a gift cost? There is no right or wrong here. However, there are tax advantages to vouchers or physical gifts compared to cash payments, which must be taken into account. It is therefore advisable to forego cash payments in this context. The most important point is the benefit for the largest possible group of recipients. If this is not the case, the amount often quickly becomes an issue (“with this value, it would have been better to have…”).
  4. 4. Personal touch The ideal gift has been found. Now it’s time to add a personal touch. Your handwriting on a matching greeting card – the classic. Digital tools also offer possibilities – for example, sending a personal video message. The effort is a little higher, but the outcome is much better!

Last but not least

It should be “this year we’ll give ourselves a present” – because it’s worth it. Giving brings joy!

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