How to boost the engagement of your employees

Bontique Blog: Wie Sie das Engagement Ihrer Mitarbeitenden ankurbeln - How to boost the engagement of your employees - Comment encourager l'engagement de vos collaborateurs - Come aumentare il coinvolgimento dei dipendenti 

Motivated and innovative work by employees lays the foundation for the successful and sustainable growth of a company – commitment and success go hand in hand. But how can this be achieved in the long term? 

Leadership with humanity 

If employees feel comfortable at work and are taken seriously, they are more motivated in their work and develop their potential more. Therefore, maintain a good and honest relationship and seek exchange with your employees. This will enable you to recognize potential problems at an early stage and to address them. Show understanding for the private lives of your employees and consider the possibilities of flexibly accommodating them: Whether this is with home office, flexibility or reduced working hours. 

Feedback culture in practice 

The atmosphere within a company is strongly influenced by the existing communication. It proves to be positive to convey mutual trust so that feedback can be given and accepted across hierarchies and functions. In this way, opportunities for improvement are recognized and exploited early on, resulting in collective learning. 

More responsibility 

Carefully controlling every detail and recording hours to the minute should be focal points of the past. Instead, and especially now that home offices have become part of everyday working life, give your employees appropriate room for their own actions. This makes them feel valued rather than controlled, which has a clear positive influence on their motivation and initiative. This again positively promotes loyalty to the company. 

Living appreciation 

Use appreciative gestures throughout the year. The working world cultivates recurring events such as Christmas, the end of the year or jubilees as occasions for thanks or additional compensation. However, also show sincere appreciation far away from these routine events and focus on personality – be it on the occasion of an outstanding performance, after a stressful period or with an individual little present at Easter. 

About Bontique

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